Semi Crazy Truck Wash is located off of I-44 exit 238 on the south side of I-44. You enter the truck wash from the rear of the building. The four way stop signs next to Burger King is our drive way. Look for the sign to direct you.

SCTW is a fully equipped truck and car washing facility. We also wash anything from earth moving equipment to recreational vehicles. Our truck wash facility is equipped with the industries leading chemicals and equipment. Each of our bays is manned by at least 3 fully trained full time employees and a manager, which will always be on duty.

While you wait for your vehicle to be completed you can check out the CB shop which also sells light bars and many other accessories for your vehicel or any of your toys. We also do installs of our CB Radios and light bars.

Within walking distance of our facility is Burger King, Quik Trip Truck Stop, Arby's, and a Truck Pride.

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Full Service CB Shop

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